Women have been involved in aviation and piloting from the very beginning – flying powered aircraft since 1908. Until the 1970’s however, most women were restricted to fly for private operators or in other jobs in the aviation industry. Many women who have been successful in various roles in aviation have helped along and mentored younger women in their careers in aviation.

We have compiled a list of highly recommended websites, articles and female pilot communities – all of these are doing a great job in supporting female aviators and offer motivation, inspiration and a helping hand for all future Women in Aviation!




Instagram – Let’s Fly Girls



DutchPilotGirl – What It Is Like To Be A Female Pilot

Rice Media – Confessions of a Female Airline Pilot

AviationXpert.com – CAE Women in Flight Scholarship Programme

CAE – Sky’s No Limit: Redressing the Gender Imbalance in Aviation

AviationXpert.com – Piloting – Not Only for Men!

Lufthansa Group – Female Pilots Taking Off

The Guardian – Why airlines need more female pilots to take to the skies

Conde Nast Traveller – Why There Aren’t More Female Pilots








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Photo Credit: British Airways