New Motor Glider: fs35 Harpyie’s First Flight

Akaflieg Stuttgart, the Stuttgart University’s own Glider Flying Club, has developed a new motor glider. Thanks to its special construction and low weight, students will be able to save a lot of money when flying in the future, according to a statement on their website. Even other clubs might be interested in using this new plane for towing their gliders.

After the long awaited necessary certification papers from the German LBA (Federal Office of Civil Aviation) had arrived, high-speed taxi tests were carried out in May 2019.

Now, the first flight took place yesterday on 24 August by test pilot Ingmar Mayerbuch, Head of Flight Research and Flight Operations at DLR, German Aerospace Center, and previously Head of Diamond Aircraft’s Flight Test Division.

“The climb performance is simply phenomenal!”

Ingmar Mayerbuch, Test Pilot

Significant Weight Reduction

So what makes this aircraft so special? It has a relatively powerful engine and can tow other gliders, yet it is legally classified as a glider – the students have managed to reduce its weight to that of a glider by an extremely lightweight construction. The classification as a glider brings huge cost savings for future student pilots – a Glider Pilot Licence is much cheaper to obtain than a standard Private Pilot Licence for normal piston engine airplanes. This makes Harpyie a potentially very interesting solution for other gliding clubs, too.

“A few years ago, the idea that I would see this moment still as a student would not have occurred to me.”

Janning Quint, 23 years old, Akaflieg Stuttgart

fs35 Harpyie – Technical Data
About AKAFLIEG Stuttgart

Akaflieg Stuttgart has been around for more than 90 years. Students develop, build and fly powered aircraft and gliders. In addition to studying, they can put their theoretical knowledge into practice and at the same time pursue the hobby of flying. The group is open to all students interested in flying and who would like to volunteer their time to work on the aircraft in addition to their studies.

Photo Credit: Akaflieg Stuttgart / Künzler

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