Int’l Women’s Day – Eurocontrol promotes Women in Aviation

Women make up 22% of the aviation workforce – but 41% of Eurocontrol’s new recruits since 2018. Great news on International Women’s Day!

Aviation is a famously gender-imbalanced industry, with a male-female ratio of 78:22 (and 71:29 at Eurocontrol).

In 2018 Eurocontrol set themselves an ambitious goal to lead the aviation sector in terms of gender balance, diversity and inclusion: in that regard, these latest figures are really encouraging, reflecting a lot of hard work by their whole team, management and grassroots initiatives since they signed up to the European Commission’s Women in Transport initiative to improve gender balance across the transport sector.

They have reviewed their HR processes, making their recruitment panels more balanced than ever before, put a lot of work into awareness-raising internally on the vital importance of gender balance, diversity and inclusion, and intensify their outreach to potential women candidates by explaining the wide range of attractive aviation careers.

While there’s still more to be done to improve female representation at technical, managerial and decision-making levels in aviation, this is a good start – and something to celebrate on International Women’s Day!

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Video Credit: Eurocontrol | Photo Credit: Christina @ wocintechchat.com

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